About Us

PT. Swara Mandala Wangi

Our Company Background

Swara Mandala wangi is one of the leading manufacturer of Shagreen furniture in Asia. We are focusing on the development of using Stingray skins as basic element in combination with other natural materials to find the balance and perfect between them but avoiding all superfluous ornamentation to achieve its beauty, elegance but simple.

Established in 1989 under Dian Mandala Foundation, with the goal to help local fishermen through strengthening their economic condition. The dynamic of global economic changes in the last decades need to be anticipated carefully with more wide and flexible scope of works, and it lead us to move from Foundation works to Company base and change name from Yayasan Dian Mandala become Swara Mandala Wangi. It is now employs 80 people, operating 5 divisions from Stingray skins Tannery, Stingray Skins finishing, Finished Goods (bags,wallets, purses,etc), Furniture and Stingray skins Jewelry.

Our products marketed worldwide, including UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, USA, Japan, Taiwan and Malaysia. Our services including custom made furniture (Hotel, appartment projects) as well as custom made goods (bags, purses, wallets). We also provide services to work under your Brand licence.

Our Brand: Parri, Mola